In classic car restoration, a contract is key

In classic car restoration, a contract is key
Who among us has not at some time imagined doing a comprehensive high quality restoration on the car of our dreams? Perhaps it's a car that we already own, or one that we would buy for the sole purpose of restoring. For some, the thought of undertaking …
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Car restorations, up close and personal
Locals and visitors will soon be able to watch the restoration of classic cars right here in Docklands. Brian Tanti will open a workshop to the public this month allowing them to see first-hand the magic of car restoration. Mr Tanti is the former …
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Press Release…Bugs4Christ to Restore Car in Seven Days
“By attempting the impossible (a seven day classic car restoration), we are asking God to intercede and show us what He can do. We are attempting something so great that if God is not in it, it will fail miserably,” he stated. Albrycht stated that the …
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