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If you expect to succeed at sales you need to find or develop a style that fits your personality. Stop begging for their business, stop wasting your time with people who don’t want what you’re selling, and invest your valuable time disqualifying the people who don’t fit your well developed picture of what a client looks like.

On the other hand everybody knows that nothing happens until a sale is made.

So how can you find a balance that allows you to meet your sales quota and your self-image at the same time? The answer is a simple two pronged process.

First, think about every successful sales person you know. What characteristics resonate with you? Write down the things you like, or more accurately the characteristics you’d like to emulate.

The second thing is to quit listening to those sales people you think are jerks or who you don’t want to be identified with or as being like – no matter how financially successful they are.

To help you expand your vision of the tactics and styles beyond those you already know we have put together a free directory of sales, sales training, and sales management articles from seventy-five sales experts.

In addition by using our extensive keyword searchable internal search engine that connects our sales related articles with that of twenty business resources web sites and directories you’ll have a much wider choice of styles and tactics to choose from.

The longer you’ve been selling the more likely it is to have strategies that worked so well in the past that you quit using them. Reading sales articles written by experts will result in ah’s – reminders of what you did in the past that worked until you stopped doing it.

Your first sale to a new customer is the most difficult and the most costly in time and energy. So we have several articles that will help you turn a sales call into a collaborative brainstorming session instead of a stressful hard close. That will tie the customer to you in ways that make future sales flow in as a result of an ongoing relationship.

There are articles that teach you how to establish a constructive dialog focused on what’s important to your customers. People buy what that want, not just what they need, so when you pay more attention to what you customers want your sales results and customer retention will improve dramatically.

I’m sure you know all about getting referrals. Your sales trainer has taught you all the tips for getting recommendations from your clients to the people they know who will see you based on your client’s referral. Just in case you want to know more there are a number of our articles that describe these effective techniques.

However, it’s most likely that there aren’t enough referred leads at any one time to insure that you meet your sales quota. Or because of human nature your clients refer you down to the people who look up to them – so unless you are already at the very top of the pyramid you’ll find yourself being referred lower and lower. This is the opposite of the direction you want to go.

For that reason cold calls can actually save your selling career when you know how to make them. You don’t have to wait for a referral to the Chairman, you can just call.

A process of making cold calls effectively and efficiently is vital. A technique that take only a couple of minutes systematically contacting someone who ought to be a prospect for your products and services is critical.

So critical in fact that the lead article on the first page of our directory of sales and sales training articles describes just such a method – converting those who are ready to buy into sales and those who are not into follow up prospects who’ll be looking for your next contact.

It is possible you’ll want to buy a book on selling, attend a sales training seminar, or hire a sales coach or consultant to help you and/or your sales force achieve your full potential. The sales articles published on our web site and available via our search engine that are written by sales experts will help you better understand your needs – before hiring the sales coach and before signing up for the sales seminar.

These sales related articles written by professional sales people offer street-smart sales strategies and tactics will help you take advantage of your competitive advantage, understand the high probability selling process, and learn how to sell using non-verbal communication.

In addition you’ll learn how to develop effective prospecting using self-promotion, articulate your unique selling proposition, and intuitively ask the right questions.

Early last year our site’s layout was updated to integrate Google’s context based ads that now magically show up along side the articles on our web site. This technology leverages the message of each article by a factor of ten. If you are intrigued by the article’s message there are advertisers right there – as well as a link to the article author’s web site – where you can drill down for more information based.

If you are serious about improving your sales results you’ll want to investigate sales articles written by people who seem to be just like you or are folks you’d like to be like.

The key is to use all these resources with an open mind and you’ll come up with a version of the idea that may be perfect for you and your business.

Back in 1999 our web site was launched around a D-I-Y framework. Sales and sales training articles that are now connected via our search engine across over two-dozen web sites and directories are the latest effort to further implement our do-it-yourself focus.

Articles for business owners in twenty plus directories, such as strategic planning, leadership, and conflict resolution – as well as those added daily to our blog by one or more of its nineteen contributors.

Sales, sales management, and sales training articles you can adapt to your situation are available at http://www.ibizresources.com/sales_training_articles/index.html and via our extensive internal search engine at http://www.ibizresources.com/site_search/search.php Charles Wallace & Wayne Messick.

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